Airport Nis

Aerodrom Konstantin Veliki Niš

Although there were plans in the Kingdom of Serbia to construct the airport in Niš, a couple of years before I World War broke, based on the Decision, personally signed by the Duke Radomir Putnik, which specified formation of the Air Command, seated in Niš, the first commercial flight from the Airport of Niš, situated near the Forests of Trupale, at that time, took place in 1936 on the line Belgrade-Niš-Skopje-Bitola-Thessaloniki. Till 1939, there was established a regular line to the Serbian capital, which was cancelled before the beginning of II World War.

More than thirty years had to pass after the end of II World War to see the civil airplanes, finally flying from Niš again, from locations which are used nowadays to fly to Tivat, Split and Dubrovnik. In the subsequent years, regular lines were to Belgrade, London, Zurich, Ljubljana, Split and in the year two thousand and some years after, there were sporadically introduced lines to Podgorica, Antalya, Trieste.

Aerodrom Konstantin Veliki Niš

It was after 2014 that some more serious acquisitions with Low-Cost companies WizzAir and RyanAir , resulted in introducing lines to the following cities: Malmo, Basel, Milano, Berlin, Bratislava, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Memmingen, Zurich, Stockholm, Malta, Vienna, while in 2019, the national air transporter Air Serbia, introduced lines to  the cities, as follows: Bologna, Fridrihshafen, Goteborg, Frankfurt, Hanover, Karlsruhe, Ljubljana, Nurnberg, Roma, Salzburg and Tivat.

In 2018, the services of the Airport of Niš were used by more than 300.000 passengers, while the number of passengers, transported in 2019, would exceed 400.000.

IATA of this airport is INI.

It is interesting that the airport is only 5 km away from the downtown.