Airport Belgrade

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Nikola Tesla Airport – Beograd is the airport with the biggest number of direct flights in West Balkans Region.

The beginning of Serbian air transport dates back more than 100 years ago, in that, the main Serbian air port was changing locations a couple of times. In the period between the two world wars, the airport in the Serbian capital used to be the junction for the most significant European air transport companies of that time, flying to Asia and Africa. In the beginning of 30’ of the last century, there were also direct flights to the biggest European cities, like London, Paris, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Madrid, Cologne, Athens, Warsaw, Istanbul, etc, as well as connection to Karachi in India and Cairo in Egypt.

Unfortunately, the airport was completely destroyed, due to huge bombardments during II World War, both by the Allies and the Third Reich units, respectively.

After all these changes of locations in Belgrade, following its construction in 1910, this air port finally settled, 18 km away from the Serbian capital, in the planes of Srem, in the very vicinity of Surčin. The airport obtained its final look for its opening in 1962, in that, it has been extended and expanded several times up to date.

In 2006 it was named after Nikola Tesla, the biggest Serbian and one of the biggest scientists in the history of human kind. Since 2010, there have been recorded significant investments in infrastructure and equipment of the very airport, so that the number of passengers has been exponentially increasing from year to year, reaching almost the number of 6.000.000 transported passengers in 2018.

The seat of Serbian national transporter Air Serbia is at this airport, which is, at the same time, the biggest beneficiary of this airport.

From the Airport Nikola Tesla it is possible to fly to many cities: New York, Madrid, Athens, Barcelona, Istanbul, Doha, Abu Dhabi, Zurich, Dubai, Tehran, Paris, Hurgada, Frankfurt, Cairo, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Larnaca, Tunisia, Malta, Thessaloniki, Tirana, Nice, Roma, Krasnodar, Sofia, Skopje, Bucharest, Dubrovnik, Split, Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Ljubljana, Vienna, Venice, Milano, Lion, Geneva, Basel, Karlsruhe, Memmingen, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Hague, Eindhoven, Hannover, Hamburg, Kiev, Minsk, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Malmo, Stockholm, Oslo.

Since all key air transporters have direct lines or connections to Belgrade, such as AirSerbia , Etihad Airways , Turkish Airlines , SwissAir , Qatar Airways , Lufthansa , Air France , Aeroflot , there is also an interest of minor air transporters to be present in Serbia: Alitalia, Aegean , Austrian , Belavia, LOT , etc.


The presence of, so called, Low-Coasters is also evident: WizzAir, EasyJet, FlyDubai, Pegasus Airlines, Transavia.

During the summer season, there are introduced additional flights to the tourist destinations, as follows: Zadar, Pula, Rijeka, Rhodes, Podgorica, Tivat, etc.

IATA of this airport is BEG