Transfer: Belgrade Airport – Skopje
Transfer: Skopje Airport – Belgrade

Prevoz Skoplje Beograd

We provide transfers from Belgrade Airport – Skoplje, Skoplje Airport – Belgrade, as well as transportation to other destinations. Fast booking, no cancellation. Departure time adjusted to you.

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The entire trip to Skopje takes place along the highway, more precisely along the E-75 corridor. Throughout Serbia, on the section from Belgrade to the border with North Macedonia – Preševo, there are a large number of gas stations, rest areas and hotels. At most filling stations, in addition to regular derivatives, gasoline and Eurodiesel, you can also find liquefied petroleum gas – LPG.

What to expect

Very often, during the summer months, a certain number of sections on this highway are reconstructed. The large number of vehicles moving along this pan-European corridor causes frequent congestion and traffic jams, especially on weekends.

Considering the relatively long journey from Belgrade to Skopje, we recommend taking a break somewhere in the middle of this journey. One of the best pubs in the Balkans is located in Niš, just 1 km from the Niš-Sever tollbooth – the Mrak pub. And the perfect timing for a vacation and the perfect place for world-famous barbecue.

Travel time, rest and recommendations

It takes about 1.5 hours to drive from Niš to the Preševo ​​border crossing, with a note that the number of gas stations drastically decreases from Niš to Bulgaria and North Macedonia, so if you need to refuel, do it somewhere along the way from Belgrade to Niš.

If you are traveling to the airport in Skopje, which is located along the E-75 highway (you do not have to enter the city), expect to wait several hours at this new integrated border crossing between Serbia and North Macedonia.

For a quick crossing of the toll booths in Serbia, as well as in the Republic of North Macedonia, we recommend using a tag device for electronic toll collection. After crossing the border, expect to be at one of the terminals of Skopje International Airport very quickly, in less than half an hour.